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Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons

Driver Improvement

Driving Improvement Class

Drug & Alcohol Class

Drug & Alcohol Class

Road Test Prep

Road Test Prep

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Knowledge Test

Here is a list of the different classes offered

  • State of Florida Laws and Regulations
  • Driving Improvement
    • Tickets
    • Accidents
  • Training Alcohol Related Topics

Bernuy's Driving School offer Internet courses, with this tool you can take the driving improvement class electronically from the comfort of your house or office

By taking the driving improvement class you will:

  • Avoid Points on your driver license
  • Get up to 18% discount off your traffic violation ticket.
  • Maintain low insurance rates
  • Keep your valuable safe driver status.

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About Us

On Bernuy's Driving School you will find the perfect place for all your needs with anything related with how to obtain a driver license or how to manage any traffic violation issues. Our wide variety of services include driving lessons, basic driver improvement course, Traffic Collision Avoidance Course and Student Training Alcohol Related Topics. We also offer convenient classes On-line where you can take the whole driver improvement program from the comfort of your house or office.

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Our instructors are Highly Trained in the Safety Techniques.


All our instructors are experienced and well Certified.

Getting your Driver License

Bernuy Driving School brings to you a whole program to obtain a driver license in the State of Florida for the first time.
We also offer a variety of services including:

  1. Traffic Violation Tickets payment
  2. Car Registration Renewal

If you need more information please contact us at any of our locations.

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Certified by the State and Serving Every County in Florida!

Bernuy's Driving School is affiliated with Driver Training Associates (DTA).

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